[{"id":27146,"name":"The Miles Davis Quintet Miles Smiles Numbered Limited Edition 45rpm 180g 2LP","type":"physical","sku":"MFSL 2-45486","description":"Miles Davis Quintet Miles Smiles on Numbered Limited Edition!
Strictly Limited to 4,000 Numbered Copies!
180g 45RPM 2LP from Mobile Fidelity!
Mastered From Original Master Tapes & Pressed at RTI!<\/b><\/font>

First in a Landmark Series of Modal Albums That Forever Changed Jazz: 1966's Miles Smiles Features the Most Brilliant Playing of Miles Davis' Second \"Great Quintet,\" Bursts with Vitality and Spirit<\/b>

Definitive-Sounding Analog Edition<\/b>

The clarity afforded by history proves Miles Davis' second great quintet vying for the unofficial honor of being the finest small jazz combo to ever record to tape. Originally released in 1966, Miles Smiles is largely responsible for the feat, as it commences a series of five groundbreaking albums \u0096 chronologically rounded out by Sorcerer, Nefertiti, Miles in the Sky, and Filles de Kilimanjaro \u0096 guided not by chordal patterns but open responses to melodies. Music would never again be the same. Neither will experiencing Miles Smiles once you hear this definitive-sounding vinyl reissue.

Mastered from the original master tapes, pressed at RTI, and strictly limited to 4,000 numbered copies, Mobile Fidelity's 180g 45RPM 2LP set takes the landmark effort into rarified sonic territory. Davis and company play against coal-black backgrounds that serve to illuminate every detail, texture, and nuance. Superb separation and plentiful air allow instruments to fully blossom, effectively taking you into Columbia's 30th Street Studio to watch the legendary combo transpire before your eyes.

Like the other iconic Davis titles in Mobile Fidelity's reissue series, this analog version also puts a premium on tonality and preservation of individual notes, which arc and decay with uncanny realism. The brilliance of Ted Macero's original production springs forth from every passage. Never before has this standard-setting record burst with as much palpable verve, energy, and spirit. Davis and Wayne Shorter's horns crackle with electricity. Ron Carter's bass attains unprecedented fluidity and dimensionality. Tony Williams' drums burst, splash, and swing with terrific fervor. Herbie Hancock's 88s dance with a communal dynamic.

Even with all the headway the ensemble made on its subsequent albums together, many jazz cognoscenti and Davis diehards strongly feel Miles Smiles remains the apex of their vast accomplishments. The piles of evidence lay within the thrills, adventurousness, and curiosities staked to every composition. At once accessible and unpredictable, songs reflect an ever-changing mentality, an edgy moodiness, and a triumphant will \u0096 with each corner the band rounds a new opportunity to integrate and interact, anticipate and respond, investigate open spaces and establish if not fully lock into contagious, broad, striding grooves.

For Davis \u0096 and the music world at large \u0096 the significance of Miles Smiles cannot be overstated. \"The synthesis of complete abstraction with more or less straightforward blues-playing was to sustain [Davis] right through the darkness of the 1970s bands to the later period,\"<\/b> write experts Richard Cook and Brian Morton. To their point, everyone from DownBeat to Q to TIME have deemed \"Footprints\" as one of the greatest compositions of the latter 20th century.

Everywhere you turn, genius abounds. Right out of the starting gates, \"Orbits\" swirls with hard-driving rhythms and Davis' untethered soloing. \"Delores\" likewise steams and cooks, retaining a tuneful allure all the while speaking with a streetwise swagger. Anchored in part by Hancock's radiant piano lines, the ballad \"Circle\" moves gently and expresses a romantic elegance via its superb lyrical poise. On Miles Smiles, the band simply has and does it all. This is a record you want to feel as much as hear.

• Numbered, Limited Edition
• Strictly Limited to 4,000 Numbered Copies
• 180g 2LP
• 45rpm
• Remixed from the Original 4-Track Tapes by Mark Wilder, Sony Music Studios, NYC
• Mastered by Krieg Wunderlich, assisted by Shawn R. Britton at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in Sebastopol, CA on the GAIN 2 ULTRA ANALOG SYSTEM\u0099
• Mastered from the Original Master Tapes
• Specially Plated and Pressed on 180 grams of High Definition Vinyl at RTI
• Production by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
• Special Static Free - Dust Free Inner Sleeve
• Heavy Duty Protective Gatefold Packaging

Miles Davis, trumpet
Wayne Shorter, tenor sax
Herbie Hancock, piano
Ron Carter, bass
Tony Williams, drums

Side 1:<\/b>
1. Orbits
2. Circle
Side 2:<\/b>
1. Footprints
Side 3:<\/b>
2. Dolores
3. Freedom Jazz Dance
Side 4:<\/b>
1. Ginger Bread Boy","weight":2.4,"width":0,"depth":0,"height":0,"price":49.99,"cost_price":0,"retail_price":49.99,"sale_price":0,"map_price":0,"tax_class_id":0,"product_tax_code":"","calculated_price":49.99,"categories":[23,194,24,31,179,51,37],"brand_id":63,"option_set_id":null,"option_set_display":"right","inventory_level":0,"inventory_warning_level":0,"inventory_tracking":"none","reviews_rating_sum":0,"reviews_count":0,"total_sold":30,"fixed_cost_shipping_price":0,"is_free_shipping":false,"is_visible":true,"is_featured":false,"related_products":[-1],"warranty":"","bin_picking_number":"","layout_file":"","upc":"821797248617","mpn":"","gtin":"","search_keywords":"vinyl, 180g, lp, pop, classic rock, mobile fidelity, mfsl 2-45486, lmf486, 45rpm mobile fidelity, mobile fidelity 45rpm album, record, vinyl lp, 180g vinyl, the miles davis quintet miles smiles, 45rpm vinyl,","availability":"available","availability_description":"","gift_wrapping_options_type":"any","gift_wrapping_options_list":[],"sort_order":0,"condition":"New","is_condition_shown":false,"order_quantity_minimum":0,"order_quantity_maximum":0,"page_title":"The Miles Davis Quintet Miles Smiles Numbered Limited Edition 45rpm 180g 2LP","meta_keywords":[],"meta_description":"","date_created":"2018-08-08T20:15:00+00:00","date_modified":"2020-06-05T19:50:57+00:00","view_count":16869,"preorder_release_date":null,"preorder_message":"","is_preorder_only":false,"is_price_hidden":false,"price_hidden_label":"","custom_url":{"url":"\/the-miles-davis-quintet-miles-smiles-numbered-limited-edition-45rpm-180g-2lp\/","is_customized":false},"base_variant_id":27115,"open_graph_type":"product","open_graph_title":"","open_graph_description":"","open_graph_use_meta_description":true,"open_graph_use_product_name":true,"open_graph_use_image":true,"variants":[{"id":27115,"product_id":27146,"sku":"MFSL 2-45486","sku_id":null,"price":49.99,"calculated_price":49.99,"sale_price":0,"retail_price":49.99,"map_price":0,"weight":2.4,"width":0,"height":0,"depth":0,"is_free_shipping":false,"fixed_cost_shipping_price":0,"calculated_weight":2.4,"purchasing_disabled":false,"purchasing_disabled_message":"","image_url":"https:\/\/cdn11.bigcommerce.com\/s-rdecee92oy\/products\/27146\/images\/1751508\/1mfsl2-45486-large__85424.1544636006.500.750.jpg?c=2","cost_price":0,"upc":"821797248617","mpn":"","gtin":"","inventory_level":0,"inventory_warning_level":0,"bin_picking_number":"","option_values":[]}]},{"id":28047,"name":"The Beatles The Beatles (The White Album) Deluxe Anniversary Edition Half-Speed Mastered 180g 4LP Box Set","type":"physical","sku":"CAPLP57201","description":"Click Here for Video Sample!<\/b><\/font><\/a>

Limited Deluxe Anniversary Edition 4LP Box Set!
Half-Speed Mastered 180g Vinyl!
New Stereo Mixes by Giles Martin!<\/b><\/font>

This Limited Edition 4LP Set comes in a lift-top box with 4-page booklet. The collection includes the 2LP album (new stereo mix) in a faithfully reproduced embossed cover of its original gatefold sleeve with fold-out poster and portrait photos, PLUS the Esher Demos pressed across 2LPs in an embossed gatefold sleeve.

\"Everything we know about the White Album is about to change. The Beatles\u0092 1968 masterpiece has always been the deepest mystery in their story\u0097their wildest, strangest, most experimental, most brilliant music. But as it turns out, the White Album is even weirder than anyone realized...

\"Part of the White Album mystique is all the drama that went into it\u0097the arguments and bad vibes are the stuff of legend. So the big shock is all the humor, excitement, and camaraderie on display in the new set. Case in point: a previously unknown version of \u0093Good Night\u0094 where John, Paul, George and Ringo all harmonize over folk guitar. As Martin admits, \u0093You listen to them sing together and ask, \u0091This is the White Album?...\u0094

\"The Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions finally unveil the Esher demos, which hardcore Beatle freaks have been clamoring to hear for years. In May 1968, just back from India, the group gathered at George\u0092s bungalow in Esher (pronounced \u0093Ee-sher\u0094) to tape unplugged versions of the new songs they\u0092d already stockpiled for the new album. Over the next days, working together or solo, they busked 27 songs. The tapes sat in a suitcase in George\u0092s house for years. Seven tracks came out on Anthology 3; others have never been released in any Beatle version, including John\u0092s \u0093Child of Nature\u0094 and George\u0092s \u0093Sour Milk Sea.\u0094 The Esher tapes alone make this collection essential, with a fresh homemade intimacy that\u0092s unique. Martin says, \u0093They\u0092re rough takes, but spiritually, the performances stand on their own.\u0094

\"Of course, the essence of the White Album is that everyone hears it differently\u0097including the Beatles themselves. They clashed over what to include, what to leave out, whether it should have been edited down to a single record. (Years later, in the Anthology documentary, they were still arguing over it.) This edition will fire up those arguments. But even for fans who know the original album inside out, it\u0092s a whole new experience\u0097one that will permanently change how we think and talk about the Beatles.\"<\/b> - rollingstone.com